VI-HPS Tenth anniversary

ECR Lab was represented at the 10th VI-HPS workshop anniversary by William Jalby and Cédric Valensi. The event attracted 50 participants and speakers and was held in Seeheim, Germany, on June 23rd. Prof. Jalby gave a presentation titled 'How performance tools are essential for designing next generation architectures', where he reviewed the evolution of benchmark performance over the last decade, contrasted with the expected evolution due to hardware improvements.

Prof. W. Jalby

Prof. W. Jalby and J. Weidendorfer, TU München.

2 pictures of the whole attendance

Prof. Allen Malony, University of Oregon. Tocqueville Fullbright Chair 2017 at UVSQ.

Keynote speaker Anshu Dubey, Argonne National Laboratory.

VI-HPS spokesman Felix Wolf, TU Darmstadt, and board members Brian Wylie, Forschungszentrum Jülich and David Lecomber, Allinea Software

Keynote speaker Satoshi Masuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology